“what!Do you have to send it??”

“Of course,You have to send me in a while,Because you are the big boss”Wang Lin said with a faint smile。
First2710chapter Storm is coming
Because it started work early,So the meeting was postponed until nine o’clock.。The participants are all senior management of the group。
Jin Yimei took two managers from their finance department,Administrative personnel manager Zhang Le,Marketing Manager Dragon Ball,And industrial zone manager Xi Zhen,There is also Wang Xin, the engineering manager,Chen Jun, Security External Affairs Manager(Heiwa)。Even Zhang Teng was called by Wang Lin。
The meeting is held by Wang Lin。She first talked about the tasks of the new year and the goals to be achieved,Then the topic turned to the topic of shantytown reconstruction.。
“Everybody!A new year begins,But the task before us is still arduous。The transformation of shanty towns did not open up a year ago,Because in this part of the demolition work,There are many problems,So new year,Must come up with a feasible plan,And as soon as construction starts, it must be executed immediately”
Wang Lin said loudly,I saw Heiwa and Zhang Teng。
Heiwa frowned,He took a long breath and said:“President Xia!President Wang。Demolition work will not start for a long time,I think the main reason is that we are too soft-hearted。of course,Which households do have difficulties,But this is not a reason to prevent us from dismantling。So I think,As soon as the work started, I brought people and Zhang Teng to demolish”
“No way!You may not know why I let everyone go to work a day in advance for a meeting?Especially President Xia,I was recalled from Pingdu Starry Night。So anxious why?Just because of this demolition work”
Wang Lin suddenly raised her voice,She said loudly。
What Xia Jian has been thinking about, Wang Lin is finally going to confess。He couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief,Then everyone said:“Let’s listen to Mr. Wang first!”
“Things are like this,The news I heard from the trail is that a woman in the demolished household committed suicide。On the fifth day of the first month。Maybe some people sitting will ask,What does this have to do with us,Love to death!Our demolition is proceeding as usual。If anyone really thinks so,That would be wrong”
Wang Lin stopped here。
Xia Jian’s brows are almost frowning。He tapped the table lightly with his hand and said:“This matter cannot be underestimated,Must attract everyone’s attention,Otherwise, we won’t be able to start work in the next few years”
“President Xia!So many people live in shanty towns,I think this situation is completely normal。Demolition work is a very sensitive matter,If we care too much,I want to continue this job,That’s still quite difficult”
Zhang Teng suddenly raised his hand and said loudly。
Wang Lin glanced at Xia Jian and said:“I said there was a reason for this,The suicide of this woman is related to the demolition。I’m afraid someone will take this matter,Pour this pot of dirty water on us,If so,Do you still think the demolition work can go on??”


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