Will it be myocarditis??Some young doctors have proposed。

That will not。Someone is immediately refuted,Myocarditis has inflammation,The inflammation of cardiomyocytes can lead to a significant increase in myocardial enzyme,But the hospital has repeatedly reviewed it.。And the heart color ultrasound has not seen myocardial activity disorder.。So myocarditis diagnosis is not established。
It seems to be such a truth。
NS212chapter Problem
38Old woman,A company executive,Work on the towel, do not let the eyebrows,Ambiguous。
But soon, she looks hard.。
She is tough from the toilet on the same day.,Looking at the toilet,Others don’t know,She doesn’t say herself.,Because she pulled blood,And one pulls like it.,The whole person is getting off.。Female patients have some special,You have to figure out it is bleeding.,Or digestive tract(Bloody)Bleeding,Don’t think this is very simple,Sometimes if the doctor does not check,It is possible to misunderstand。
She notifies her husband,The husband rushed to the company to send to the hospital。
You are very courageous,This should be played directly120Pull back to the hospital,You also have to find your husband to send you,Pants fart。Emergency department, doctor, doctor,Taught them,Tell them that there should be this situation next time.120,Delayed, but you will live。
The concerns of the doctor doctors are reasonable,Because the patient is an emergency,Paled face,Whole body,Entering the rescue room,ECG monitoring,Blood pressure comes out90/50Hg,Heart rate120Second-rate/Minute。
The patient is already shock。Low blood pressure,Is a shock late。
And it is blood loss shock。
Obviously, the patient is blood loss shock,In addition to the patient himself said yourself,I have pulled several times for more than a month.,Today, this is the most serious。Second, you can see the patient’s pants.,All blood。After lie on the bed,It was reddish。
How many blood has lost probably?Master doctor estimates,At least2000l。The blood in the vascular adult human body is also5000labout,When blood loss in the short term400lGenerally(Blood donation),But more than800lThere will be a shock may,Exceed2000lThat is definitely shock.。If you do not add blood volume in time,Patients will soon coma because of ischemic hypoxia,Died!Not very fun at all。
My wife is not tight.。Patient husband is very worried,Keep talking about this problem。The old horse was asked impatiently.,Say there is already a danger of life,Now officially give you a notice of danger,You are outside, etc.,Let us first deal with。
Patients are currently bloody is clear,And there is a lost blood shock。Today’s meter,Two measures are the most critical,One is supplementing blood as soon as possible、liquid,Restore effective cycle of blood as soon as possible,The old horse makes the nurse to open two venous channels to the patient.,Dual tube,Give liquid together,Liquid is 哗 直 怼。Contact the blood bank at the same time,tell them,To use blood,Red blood cell、Plasma。
Second measures,Be a cure,Just hurry out which place is bleeding?,Then stop bleeding。
The emergency department in which the old horse is located is no ability to stop bleeding.。The old horse can do it is fast replenishment、Bloody blood,Then look for the digestive medicine doctor to come over,Let them solve the problem of hemostasis。
At this time, the patient’s consciousness began to blur,Ask her where she is uncomfortable,I can’t answer it.。
Patients have entered a ghost door。
So many blood in the day,Let your body are strong and strong.。The soldiers on the battlefield are strong enough,But if there is no blood bleeding,Soon, will die,The cause of death is blood loss shock。certainly,If you are a heart or your head, you will die on the spot.,There is no chance to wait until the occurrence of blood loss shock。
After the internal medicine doctor arrived,Consideration of patients have an emergency to do colonoscopy,The patient is so many blood,And it’s all blood flowing out,Most likely, the lower disorder bleeding。Human digestive road is divided into、Below,The upper disorder is starting from the mouth,Always arrived→Stomach→Duodenum→Partial(Qu’s ligament is boundary),The lower deformation road is a jarity→Colon→colon→rectum,General situation also、回 肠 统 middle 消 化,So on、中、Best understanding。
Gastroenterologists believe that patients are undergoing disintegration bleeding,Especially possible to be the possibility of colon bleeding,It is recommended to make colonoscopy immediately.,If the mirror enters a blind point,It’s good to stop bleeding treatment.。The advice of the digestive physician is very correct.。
Patient husband’s state,As long as there is helpful treatment,do all,All signed。When he said this, his lips started some slight shaking.,He is of course scared.。
The blood of the blood library is coming,The old horse quickly lets lose blood。If there is no blood at this time,The patient is dead.。If there is enough blood,Patients can pull down。
Some bleeding is to stop bleeding with yourself.,Some bleeding is unable to stop,Doctor must intervene。
Patient situation,Direct to digest the internal medicine inner mirror room is not too suitable。How about this,incomeICU,existICUUnder close supervision,Let’s give her colonoscope,See if you can stop bleeding。Gastroenterology doctor said。His proposal is suitable,on the one handICUMonitoring is in place,If you don’t have anything else to jump or something else?,Can raise high-efficiency rescue。haveICUDoctor escort,He also worried about him。
OnICU,The patient’s blood pressure is slightly stable,That is because of the fast blood transfusion mixture。All organs need blood,Because blood can bring nutrients,Can also carry oxygen,Blood is like a freighter,The arrival of the freighter is waiting for the arrival of the freighter.,If the blood is less,The freighter is less,Nutrients and oxygen will naturally be less,The organs have to hungry,They are very delicate,Be nearby,I will live in a day and a half or even a few hours.。
Seeing bright red blood flows from the patient anus,It really seems like a knife is as urgent.。ICUDoctors can’t wait to reach out and go in.。


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