On the evening,Yang Xiao smiled, I really want to interact with Li.,However, Li Hui Feng is from beginning to end to the other party.。

This makes Yang Xiao smile and wronged,There is a kind of frustration。
At the same time, I am very uncomfortable.。
She feels her own value,Own,Everything that own will not let Li have disgusted。
But Li Li with the wind is not accepting her。
Come upon thinking about her classmates,Her confidence is full。
Early next morning,Yang Xiao smiled and appeared in the door of Li Hui Feng.。
Li Hui also didn’t think that Yang Xiao laughed actually in front of him.。
I didn’t think that the little girl agreed.。
“Early,Lee brother!”
Li Hui said with a smile and responded.,I am going to go shopping.。
By the way, he wants to see something like the vegetables here.,If he can feel the product of Han Shanshan’s vegetable factory to some。
“Where is Li Da Ge ready??
Don’t use me to bring you a road?”
“Forehead,Need not,I will go shopping.。”
In the face of Li Hui’s rejection,Yang Xiao smiled and lost,Strongly squeezing a smile in your heart。
“OK then,What do you need to remember me?,I have no lesson today with tomorrow.!”
Li Hui Feng saw Yang Xiao Xiao’s appearance,I don’t dare to talk more.,He is afraid of an unclear to promise each other,Then let the other party misunderstand some things。
Slope a circle everywhere,Li Hui Feng found that the mall of the United States is alive.。
It is even better than domestic。
WeChat,Alipay is actually uncomfortable。
The most common or credit card。
Originally, he still wants to find a business to cooperate.,Later, I thought I still gave up.。
After the coming is,Li Hui Feng is also ready to go back.。
Just when he returned to Guan Yun’s residence,I found that Cui Yongan is actually。
Originally he thought that the other party won’t come today.,After all, I drank a lot last night.。
“Lee brother,How can I come back so quickly??”
“Um,No, don’t have a heart。”
Cui Yongan heard this,Laugh:“That’s together.,Go to my comrades。”
“Forehead,This is not very good.?”
Li Hui Feng, I know that Cui Yongan’s so-called visit,It should be to give those comrades on the grave.。
“nothing,They should also like your,After all, you teach me what things.,I also teach them,It’s just that they haven’t come to get started.。”
When I said this,Cui Yongan’s eyes also flashed a painful meaning。


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