Luo Yi finished,He took Xia Jian back to her office。This group of people are dumbfounded。

Xia Jianyi returned to Luo Yi’s office,Luo Jun is here too,Behind him was a young guy who was less than 30 years old,This man is of medium build,Neither fat nor thin,Muscles appear very strong。
“President Xia!This is Zhang Yong,Your full-time driver and bodyguard”Luo Jun waits for Luo Yi’s closed office door,Said with a smile。
Zhang Yong has little eyes,But piercing。He immediately put his feet together,Hands drooping,Chong Xiajian nodded slightly and said:“Mr. Xia!Please advise”
“it is good!Related photos!”Xia Jian said very politely。
Zhang Yong glanced at Xia Jian,Whispered:“I’ll drive to the airport to wait for you,All you need,I put everything in the car”Zhang Yong finished,One turned and strode away。
Xia Jian didn’t see Luo Yi’s female secretary Bai Li,He doesn’t seem to have any impression of Luo Yi, the female secretary,So he asked softly:“Isn’t there another person??”
“Oh!This person will meet you at the airport。Both of them have your phone number,Just keep the phone open”Luo Yi glanced at dad,He lowered his voice and said to Xia Jian。
Luo Jun frowned and thought for a while before telling Xia Jian:“This business trip,There will be many things,But you can rest assured,Don’t be afraid of anything,I am here,No one can hurt you。But it must be done beautifully,Must have important evidence”
“You might ask,Why not call the police?I can tell you very clearly,Insufficient evidence,Besides, the ugliness of the family cannot be publicized。That’s why I considered you,and also,Choose you to go,Not my idea alone”Luo Jun said this,Looking back at Luo Yi。
Luo smiled and said:“See what i do,I just recommend,The decision is in your hands”
Luo Jun,Helplessly shook his head,Laughing and walked out of Luo Jun’s office。Xia Jian sighed,Smiled and said to Luo Yi:“Thanks,Don’t hesitate to be broken”
“okay,That’s so scary。I think,In our group, only you have this ability,Moreover,The bodyguard my dad gave you,Not an ordinary character。Besides, I secretly tell you,My secretary Bai Li is also an all-rounder,At least not drag you down”
When Luo Yi said this,,A face of confidence。time flies,It’s lunch time in a blink of an eye。Longdong Group has its own restaurant,Of course,The chairman and general manager eat in a single room。As the vice president, Xia Jian didn’t have this treatment originally。But he followed Luo Yi,Then it’s another matter。
Lunch is naturally very rich。period,Xia Jian and Luo Yi were talking,Talking about things that have nothing to do with work。It’s hard for Luo Jun to insert a sentence,So he got up early and left。
When only Luo Yi and Xia Jianshi are left in the restaurant。Luo Yi lowered his voice and said:“You go straight downstairs in a while,My dad’s secretary and driver are waiting for you,The two of them will take you to the airport。remember,You must go through security,But not boarding”
“understand,I’ll come out after the plane to America takes off,You don’t need to say this”Xia Jian said disapprovingly。
Luo chuckled,Patted Xia Jian on the head and said:“clever,I like to talk to you best,Because it doesn’t take much to say,You’ll know halfway through”
“Stop boasting,I should be going”Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。
Luo Yi took Xia Jian’s hand,Whispered:“Come back soon,My dad said,You finish this,Just let you go back home and wait for the new year,I will never arrange any more work for you。Of course,I still have to pay you a full month”


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