Because the two worlds are relatively static,Even if Wang Hong returns to Earth Star,When I come here again, it’s still dark,So I can only bite the bullet,To spend time in this perilous forest。

Fortunately, it’s early winter in the alien world,Although it’s a bit cold,But snakes, insects, rats and ants are almost extinct,Let him not be too hard at night。
Wait until the portal cools down,Wang Hong’s strained nerves,Finally relieved。
Touched the growling belly,Quickly dig out food and milk from the travel bag,Leaning on the tree trunk and eating supper。
Just when Wang Hong was about to finish eating,An inexplicable chill suddenly came from behind,Made him get goose bumps all over his body。
Look back suddenly,I saw a head with a single horn,A black giant python nearly 20 meters long,Actually sneaked into the tree silently。
The huge snake head rises high,In amber eyes,It’s all cold and cruel。
What’s worse,This terrifying one-horned python,At this moment, he is less than ten meters away!
Chapter two Unicorn
Wang Hong this person,A little indecision on weekdays,Do things habitually。
But every critical moment,He can force himself to deal with problems decisively or even arbitrarily。
At the moment of life and death,Although Wang Hong is full of fear,But he didn’t hesitate to jump under the tree。
Even if he is more than ten meters away from the ground,But it’s better than facing that giant python in a tree。
of course,Wang Hong is also self-confident“defense”Skill blessing,Physical strength far exceeds ordinary people,Dare to jump from such a high place,Otherwise it is not an escape,But died。
Although the landing action is a bit embarrassing,But did not cause substantial damage,Wang Hong doesn’t care about his image at the moment,Use both hands and feet,Run to the front。
The unicorn python’s reaction to Wang Hong was a little surprised,But it followed by flying down from the tree。
But its size is too big,Dusty place,It took several laps to stabilize the figure。
See this situation,Wang Hong doesn’t have any thoughts,But immediately rushed to the distance,I want to take the opportunity to get away from the unicorn python。
Although he has prepared some powerful weapons,But most pythons move slowly,It’s early winter in the alien world,Snakes are not hibernating this season,The body is also affected by the climate,The speed drops further,If you can escape,Why fight for life?


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