Of course Hu Huiru’s thoughts, Feng Yan understands。So when Wang Youcai pestered her these days,She half pushed。This is her advantage as a woman。

First1988chapter Secret Action
Just when Feng Yan was thinking about these messy things,Wang Youcai is already standing behind her。Wang Youcai is muddled,Not stupid。He understands Feng Yan’s mind,Of course he understands better why Hu Huiru wants him to assist Feng Yan at this time。
“Say it if you have the mind!I am more familiar with rural things than you”Wang Youcai said coldly。
Feng Yan was shocked,He looked back at Wang Youcai and said:“Why are you following me all day?Haven’t you arranged a job for you??This can’t be delayed,More than 100 people in the group must have a place to live at night”
“Manager Feng is bothered about this matter,If you don’t worry,I’ll see it in a while”Wang Youcai said with a smile on his face。
Feng Yan glanced around,Seeing no one around them,Then he sighed and said:“Don’t do this during the day,How bad it is for others to see”
“okay,You say i can go。Isn’t it just that??you listen to me,There is no shortage of stones in this Jizui River,We can hire nearby villagers to quarry us,This will reduce the cost by more than half。Sand can also be used locally,Hire someone here,Side sieve”
“of course,I can only buy the remaining cement,What do you think of this approach?”Wang Youcai said and smiled。
Feng Yan,Can’t help but look more at Wang Youcai。No wonder Hu Huiru would like this person,It turns out that his mind is still very flexible。If you do what he says,That would be great。
“Okay!So you still have something in your mind。I also thought you were filled with bad water,I know how to be nice with women”Feng Yan scolded with a smile,I feel better at once。
Wang Youcai knew Feng Yan was praising him。This woman is so virtuous,I like it in my heart,But you want to make your loss worthless。
“If it works,Immediately convene a project deployment proposal。Tell your ideas to each project department,Let their person in charge analyze and decide。If it can pass,We have to recruit immediately,Also purchase some machinery and equipment”Wang Youcai said seriously。


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