Chen Jian: Inheriting a red gene is our common responsibility

People’s Network Beijing October 15 (Bai Xin) On October 12th, the "Red Cloud Show Hall" public welfare broadcast event seminar hosted by People’s Network, China Communication University, Qi’an Letter Group was successfully held in Qingdao.

Researchers of the History of the Communist Party of China, Chen Jian, a researcher at the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the National High-end Think Tank Experts and published a chair. From the perspective of party history workers, Chen Jian is discussed on the "red culture to become a boom" and revolve around the theme of "inheriting the red gene is our common responsibility".

Chen Jian’s word "awakening" as a clue, pointed out in China’s 100-year development course, especially since the 18th National Congress, the red culture "awakening" and become a boom.

He believes that red culture is not only part of the Chinese national cultural gene, but also the spiritual support of the Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation. In a hundred years, there is no change in internal reform or external challenges, this culture requires this culture.

"Inheriting the nice red gene is the responsibility of the era gives everyone." Chen Jian mentioned in his speech.

How to transform this responsibility to practice? Chen Jian gave three suggestions: First, fully excavate the red resources, grasp the historical details; second, strengthen the research power, deep excavate the value of red resources; third, through technology blessing, activation utilization red resources.

Finally, Chen Jian said that red resources are a living in the past, which is a spiritual home that is going to future. Inherit, spreading the red culture mission glorious, and is far away, it can be.


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