2021 "Non-legacy Guangzhou Red" Tourist Park will be held in Yongqingfang

  People’s Network Guangzhou November 19th (Ma Xiaonan) Guangzhou Internet Big Cae and non-legacy inheritance retreats the most beautiful Xiguan route, network red anchor, the ancient wind Coser, Hanfu goon in the robe, Yongqing Fang, the citizens interact, Non-legacy H5, I appreciate the characteristics of the Internet. I realized Yue Yun Fenghua in the Cantonese drama drama. I feel clear, micro, light, elegant artistic conception in Lingnan Augin, "On November 19, a cross-border integration The Internet Non-Leades will kick off in Yongqingfang, Guangzhou.

  It is understood that the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee Network Network Office continues the "Guangzhou Hongxing City" 2021 city image network propaganda campaign, Yu Yongqingfang launched "Non-legacy Guangzhou Red Tongyao Cantonese" – 2021 "Non-legacy Guangzhou Red "The garden will eventually lead the general public to appreciate the traditional non-legacy deduction form under the Internet era, showing the" new vitality "of Guangzhou" old city ", helping Li Lannan culture inherits new color, promoting" Guangzhou Red Workflow City "red city brands The image is constantly optimizing the upgrade. The event site, the charm of traditional culture, the trend of modern life, the fun of the Internet, the charm of the non-legacy, the tradition and the modern "deconstruction restructuring" complement, attracting many people in the traditional costumes, before time To stop watching, interacting experience. A cruise in which the non-legacy characteristic of the Internet is instantly ignited.

Guangzhou Netcom Office Anime IP "Wind Cleans" Incarnation Garden Association Promotion Ambassador, lead the ancient wind COSER, Hanfu Rongong, Internet corporate IP people to punch the old Western Western, hand-held paper, oil, umbrella and coach along the road.

  The trendy Internet gameplay is ridiculous, gives traditional cultural unlimited possibilities, providing a feasible innovative path for non-generating dissemination, showing the diversion of Guangzhou Internet industry, continuously spreading network positive energy.

  Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee Network Network Office gives full play to the communication power and influence of new media platforms, launches non-contact registration, graphic, short video, live broadcast and other online channels and windows, expand the coverage of the activities of the garden, so that more citizens can not come out Households can also participate in activities, further achieve strong combination of "digital IP + cultural IP", showing a colorful art and communication form under the Internet era. The scene of the garden will last to the scene of the scene will last until November 22nd, and the public can go to Yongqingfang (next to Yongqing Terminal) free to take a call.


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