This is actually,It is better than what they expect.,The rhythm is still coming.。

After a while,This,Blue sky,It’s even a faint smile.。
As,Blue sky,I don’t think it all at all.。
“but,They certainly didn’t think,Whole autumn wind building,Are the industries of our head。”
Blue sky finishes,Other Wars Temple Warrior。
at this point,In fact, they are not fully expected.。
But I want to think about it,I feel like this,As if it is already in my reason。
Treat this,In fact, it is more to let the blue sky.。
“Yet,Let’s everyone,Still be more careful。”
“Because of the current problem,I feel,They start confused,But next,Will definitely continue to start with us。”
This is quite straightforward,It is even more than the soldiers around those War Temple.,The seriousness of these things。
Because now,All this has developed to let them,I can’t control it completely.。
But it’s really this.,In fact, for them,all of these,What is not a bad thing?。
And look at these,At this time, everyone didn’t forget。
“If you look now,Really like this,So let’s everyone,Affirmation or this is necessary to deal with it.。”
“Is this still used?,Since this is said,So next,This thing looks at us.,In fact, there is still a good control of this.。”
“Is this still considered?,Don’t want to think about it,I also realize what is this.!”
This,With those people around,I didn’t forget to talk to my eyes.。
obviously,How should these problems get it?。
There have been a lot in the heart of the blue sky.。
On the side of the blue sky,The warrior of a war temple saw here,Then I don’t forget to talk to my eyes.。
“Blue,Let’s now,How to do?”
When the warriors around the warrior,other people,Also looked at the blue sky。
As for the blue sky,It is one side to look at the eyes,I don’t forget to continue here.。
“In fact, it is now,Things we need to do,Still very simple。”
“Wait,Wait until the head collar is investigated,At that time, the head is naturally solved.!”
When the blue sky is finished,It is even more soldiers who surrounded those war memories.,A look, look like。
So careful words,It seems really true,Is this。
and,Blue sky knows,Even if he does not say,Shen Xuan also certainly investigated this matter.。
So careful words,In fact, it looks at the blue sky.,All everything,It seems that it is already in it.。
Plug,I have used it recentlyapp, \\app \\ Android Apple mobile phone support!
And look at these,This,The blue sky is still not forgotten directly here.。
“If it is really because of these,So everyone is ready。”
“If I guess is right,The president of Tianwu Club,Maybe!”
The blue sky is finished.,It is even more fascinating that the warriors around those War Temple.。


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