Wearing a hat,Wearing a dress,Zhu Minglang is cleaning the fallen leaves in the yard,With his head down, he suddenly saw a pair of straight and slender jade feet coming。

Zhu Minglang looked up at her。
She is frosty,Reject people thousands of miles away,There is a bit of murder in the beautiful amber eyes。
Today she is not as weak as usual,Not the usual peace,There is a wave around her,That is the aura that only exists in a person after truly experiencing the baptism of war!
It seems she has recovered a little,Of course she is far worse than she was originally,Zhu Minglang has heard many powerful rumors about her。
“You want revenge?”Zhu Minglang asked。
As soon as this remark comes out,There are countless silver threads flying out of the sleeves of the Valkyrie,They are so hard,Quickly gathered into a silver sword,Hanging on Zhu Minglang’s neck。
“I am the first?”Zhu Minglang smiled bitterly。
Sword slipped,The Valkyrie passes as light as a swallow,Zhu Minglang immediately got a blood stain on his neck。
I wish Minglang will not move,Waiting for my head to fall to the ground。
But that’s just a shallow trace,Broke some skin。
Don’t kill yourself?
Zhu Minglang clutching his neck,Turned his head to look at the graceful and tall back of the Valkyrie。


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