Tears have long been red。

In the second world of blood refining,Li Ming has not used the world of heart to isolate,The illusory energy in the blood pool aroused Li Ming’s most fear in the depths of his heart,Most afraid,The most reluctant thing to happen。
“Don’t,Don’t go any further!”
Dao Xin’s instinctive resistance,Want to resist。
But the illusory energy of the blood pool keeps infiltrating。
at last,The thing Li Ming fears the most has been dug up。
A figure standing opposite him,Looks exactly like him,But completely mortal。
“who are you?”Li Ming asked suspiciously。
“I am not you!”The figure said。
Li Ming looked,But shook his head:“I am the Daoist of Life and Death,You are mortal,you are not me!”
“What life and death,But illusory!”The opposite person answered stubbornly。
Li Ming’s eyes widened,Divine power in the body、Mana、Efforts fade。
“I,Me what me,I’m just a mortal who is good at punching and kicking。”The opposite person laughed。
“What bloodline god、Hongmeng Controller,fake,False“of!”
Li Ming saw another figure,Entanglement“”Thirty-three kinds of beast blood,It is based on the four essences of blood,It’s in control of a universe。
however,The main power of everything in the figure,As the controller of Hongmeng, all the authority has disappeared。
Li Ming’s eyes,Sluggish down。
“What infinite lord,What eternal god,Also fake。”
Origin continent,Fight life and death together with the enemy,The figure with a spear traversing the void in his hand also becomes illusory。


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