Old Xiao opened his eyes,A look of anger,It took a long time to say:“You are all promising now,No one came back last night,Don’t call me,Made me cook a table of dishes,Remember,starting today,Make your own meals”Old Xiao said,Took a breath of helplessness。

Xia Jian only knew,Xiao Xiao didn’t come back last night,It seems the problem is a bit serious,Old Xiao called him back,Not to say that starting from today,He no longer cooks for them,There must be more。
as expected,Old Xiao coughed twice,Then said:“Look at this newspaper”
Xia Jianyi listen,Hurriedly picked up a tabloid on the table,A line of bright red characters came into view“The deputy mayor broke up with Xiaosan,Make a big noise”Picture next to,It happened to be the scene Xia Jian saw at the elevator entrance yesterday,Xiao Xiao was grabbed by a man,Man is the back,But Xiao Xiao is positive。
“Mischief,Which newspaper is this,I asked them to settle accounts”Xia Jian couldn’t help being furious,Stand up and walk out。
Old Xiao gave a cold voice:“sit down,This is a sample report,Was detained by the City Propaganda Department,No more releases,You say how bad the impact is,As soon as it happened,No one is coming back“
Xia Jian retired,Sitting next to Old Xiao again,The old man took a breath and said:“I didn’t want to tell you this,But things have reached this point,I can’t say it”
Old Xiao seems to be remembering something,After a while,Just continued:“I actually created this venture group,Of course its predecessor was just a small company,As for this group, it was developed later,Xiao Xiao took my class for two or three years,To exercise her,The company has undergone a big change”
Hear here,Xia Jian was surprised“Oh”With a。
Old Xiao gave a slight meal,Then said again:“The company knows about it,Only Jin Yimei,Secretary Wang Lin,Don’t know much。After Xiao Xiao takes over my class,Very capable indeed,Especially in communication,Far more than me,One or two years down,The company has doubled in size,But in this one,Too young after all,Made mistakes that shouldn’t be made”
This sentence is like a needle,Hurt Xia Jian’s heart,He blurted out:“Is it with Vice Mayor Huang??”
“Xiao Xiao’s communication is too wide,Business,Politics,There are also some sidelines in society,She almost knows,In this case,She met this Huang Ting,Who knows this polite hypocrite,Actually launched a crazy pursuit of Xiao Xiao,Just for this,Xiao Xiao and I almost turned against each other,Don’t be you here,She might not come back to live”
Xia Jian just understood,When he first came here,The relationship between Lao Xiao and Xiao Xiao is very poor,Lao Xiao has almost no good face to show Xiao Xiao,And Xiao Xiao didn’t come back for several days after he left,Even a month or two。


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