“Are those eight iron medals in the hands of each clan?”

“Yes,But it was not like this before。To prevent future generations from being bewitched by royal treasures,Ghost,I handed over four of them to the four rooms at the time.,Hand over the other four‘Tianzhenwei’,Guarded by the chief and deputy commander and the two most capable guards,We were not called‘Tianzhenwei’,Better called‘Sonkunro’,It means the Royal Guard。”
“Is the sacred totem sea east green??”
Fu Tong nodded。
“Why later,All iron medals are in the hands of the clan?”
“Hard to say,A hundred years ago,There was a civil strife in the Zhang family for the patriarch,At the time‘Tianzhenwei’Not abide by one’s duties and participate in it,Designed and suppressed by a generation of strange people,All four iron medals were also taken back,Ever since,Tiepai tokens are divided into four other branches of Zhang Family,‘Tianzhenwei’Decline。”
“A generation of strange people?Zhang Zihui?”The instructor immediately remembered the records in the script,Zhang Zihui died that year,The second child Zhang Ziqi usurped the position of the head of the house,Caused the Zhang family civil strife,The youngest member, Zhang Ziyi, turned out,Kill Zhang Ziqi,Quell price increases,Later Zhang Zishan became the patriarch,And Zhang Ziyi became a Taoist priest,Dao No. Xiaoyaozi,The place where he practiced is the current Liuyun view。
“It seems that Mr. Zhang knows a lot about Zhang’s past。”Fu Tong picked up the big tea mug on the wooden stool and poured his head up,Then he took a deep look at the instructor。
“Hearsay。”The instructor called haha,“So is the royal treasure rumored or true。”
“true。”Fu Tong’s unexpected frankness,“Master Tongtu started,Relying on these treasures,But he is not a guardian,What can be used,What can’t be moved,He divides it clearly。”
“Oh?Could it be that the secret edict at the time would be written in such detail?”
“That’s not,The real royal treasure has already arrived in Jingbian,The goods disguised as supplies shipped twice in the later period are another batch of treasures for the purpose of concealing people’s eyes.,Several mutinies in the army that year,Because of these two batches of provisions,The same adults also follow the trend,Killed a lot of greed、Strange guy,Until the change of the new castle,The talents of the same university transported the treasures away。”
“what?Shipped away?”The instructor was surprised again,“You are half talking‘Tianzhenwei’Carried away the real treasure and went to Greater Black Mountain?Aren’t you afraid of changes in the middle?or……”
“Or be swallowed by those people and run away?”Fu Tong smiled,“This possibility is already under consideration,that year‘Tianzhenwei’Not so unbearable,Master Li Shijian has already responded along the way。”
“Who is Li Shijian?”The instructor’s eyes widened,I feel that the mystery of history is gradually becoming clear.。
“Entered the commander and deputy commander of Wuming Mountain in Heixiaziling,The deputy commander is Master Tongtu,And the leader is Li Shijian。”
Chapter Seven Hundred and Forty Four Zhang Baogen and others


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