“Then i try?”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Asked。

“Try and try!Come!”Fatty Strictly Shou Tong nodded,Replied with a serious face。
Lu Menglin nodded,Extend left arm,Make a fist。
The light energy in the body quickly gathered on the fist。
Hum!An instant light masterpiece。
Lu Menglin uses his fist as a sword,Punch out,From the end of the fist shot a substantial sword energy,Sword intent is unmatched,Stabbed straight to the chest of Strictly Guarding Copper。
This is a god national war skill《Assassination sword》,Standard action like a textbook,And the power contained in this sword,Definitely exceeded the forty-two level。
Explode an assassination sword technique with forty-two power,The target is an object of only level 35。
If this sword is changed in peacetime,Absolutely suspected of bullying the weak,But here,But it’s upright,Grandiose,Couldn’t be more normal。
If you strictly guard the copper as a master of defense,Can’t even take a sword of level forty-two strength,Then he can just roll up the bedclothes and fuck off!
Talking late,Then soon!Sword light and body,Hits the chest of the defense master who strictly guards the copper。
A good copper guard,Didn’t even raise his arm,Take your own chest,Abruptly blocked this sword。
boom!Sword Qi pierced into the chest,The level forty-two power contained in it burst out on the spot,It blows so hard to guard the copper body shape continuously,All over fat,But he didn’t even step back。


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