Many travel agencies in Xiamen have launched a number of cross -provincial tourism prices decreased year -on -year

  Cross -provincial tourism recovery has ushered in a good favorable policy. The Provincial Department of Cultural Travel has recently issued a notice that travel agencies can resume the operation of "cross -provincial tourism" in an orderly manner. Many travel agencies in our city responded rapidly. The first time they launched a number of cross -provincial travel products to meet the needs of citizens and tourists.

  It is reported that on May 26, the Provincial Department of Cultural Travel issued the "Notice on Promoting the Restoration of Travel Agency". Travel agencies orderly restoring cross -provincial team tourism and "air tickets+hotels" business in an orderly manner, encouraging travel agencies to plan the special theme tourism products in the province.

  Yesterday, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Scientific Implementation of Cross -provincial Tourism" Mechanisms "and the fourth edition of the" Guide to the Prevention and Control of the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemium "in the fourth edition of the" Following "mechanism for the first time County (cities, districts, flags) in high -risk areas and districts (counties) of municipalities and municipalities will no longer be expanded to the provincial level.

  The tourism industry in our city believes that with the Dragon Boat Festival and the summer, the consumer consumer market is expected to recover further.

According to Ctrip data, the search volume of cross -provincial travel products yesterday increased by more than 60%compared with the previous day. From the perspective of the overall booking of tourism, the proportion of cross -provincial tourism products increased by nearly 30%over the previous day.

Cross -provincial team tourism has been restored in many places across the country, and major travel agencies in our city have quickly launched a number of cross -provincial tourism products. According to the relevant person in charge of China International Travel (Xiamen) International Travel Service, in the past two days, citizens who originally had a travel plan began to consult and book. Due to the current price of domestic air tickets and hotel reception resources, the first batch of cross -provincial travel lines to be resumed on the shelves decreased by 20%year -on -year. The relevant person in charge of Xiamen Jianfa International Travel Group (Jianjian International Group) said that according to the current market research situation, they launched the province’s specialty travel products with the theme of outdoor adventure and camping picking. The combination of sharing, tourism and interactive expansion is carried out to launch marketing promotion, attracting more tourists from other provinces to come to Fujian to travel. (Reporter Wu Junning).


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