CBA draft Shanxi men’s basketball team had a productive session

  Original title: three "new students" all is not simple CBA draft Shanxi men’s basketball team had a productive session July 18, 2021 CBA Draft held in Qingdao.

This draft total of 30 players were selected, a record high. Among them, Wang Yi Xiong first selected Fujian team, was elected draft pick.

  Holding a "third pick," the Shanxi men’s basketball team two rounds of the draft, has to Li Zhang Lin, Jia Hao, Xiao Xun three key players incurred under its command.

  Li Zhang Lin: University League "scoring" holding "the third pick," the Shanxi men’s basketball team, the third overall pick in the first round Zhang Lin Li.

This guy has a lot of nicknames, one of which is: Central South University, Liu Yudong.

  This year 23-year-old Li Zhang Lin, height meters and weighing 110 kg, wingspan of 2 meters 06, the functional power forward. Template as a player point of view, Zhang Lin Li, like most Chinese men’s basketball team once the "God of War" Liu Yudong. And Liu Yudong Similarly, Li Zhang Lin can also bring a huge improvement for the team.

2016, Li Zhang Lin into the Central South University open their CUBA (Chinese University Basketball Association) journey. In the same year, for the first time in the history of Central South University, he broke into the national semi-finals. Li Zhang Lin campaign CUBA five seasons in the league, under his leadership, the Central South University has four times qualify for the Final Four, three Finals.

CUBA leave the arena, Li Zhang Lin individual score freeze in 1256 points, surpassing legend Wei Mingliang Taiyuan University of Technology (1053 points), became CUBA basketball history in scoring.

  Jia Hao: firepower "Little Cannon" Some time ago, Jia Hao in training successive hit 32 three-pointers, triggering enthusiastic users of the "crowd." The draft, Shanxi men’s basketball team transactions, won the men’s basketball team’s two picks in Shenzhen. Thus, in the first round 11th overall, Shanxi men’s basketball team signed Henan Jia Hao NBL league team. Jia Hao, 22, 2 meters tall and weighing 95 kilograms, can play shooting guard or small forward position.

On the court, Jia Hao fast break, shooting ability is outstanding, is an opponent off guard a "swingman." In 2020 NBL League regular season, averaging Jia Hao can get points rebounds assists and steals.

In 2020 NBL league playoffs, Jia Hao played in one game, had 19 points, five rebounds and four steals.

  From the level of speaking, NBL league CBA league a grade lower than that, but many of them with great potential players.

The draft, NBL Henan team Cui Xiaolong, and Lvjun Hu Jia Hao three players, has selected three CBA teams, is the best proof. Xiao Xun key: Overseas Returns "dreamer" in 2019, Xiao Xun has begun enrollment key CBA draft, but failed to get any team appreciated. In 2021, he once again dream, Shanxi men’s basketball team in the second round of the fifth overall selection in him. Xiao Xun key 24-year-old, height in meters, the functional point guard.

He was born in Hong Kong, the United States with his family at age 6, from small to accept American basketball education.

High school, Xiao Xun has been the key is the team’s main force, was the team’s scoring title for two consecutive years. However, after entering the American college league, Xiao Xun suffered a key injury, did not play brisk performance.

  After returning home, Xiao Xun key will look into the CBA league, the Chinese Basketball Association recommended Hong Kong, he finally realized his dream. During the interview, Xiao Xun key referred to his goal now is to further improve their level by the CBA.

  Xiao Xun key shooting, jumping ability are good, long accepted the American basketball, he has a decent attack at the shooting guard position.

  Shanxi team: a warm welcome "new students" "Thank Shanxi team chose me.

Hope next season is through their own efforts to make more contributions to the team. "After the draft, Li Zhang Lin, Jia Hao, Xiao Xun three key players in unison. Last season the NBA draft, Shanxi men’s basketball team in the first round eighth overall, signed popular players from Peking University, Zhang Ning Subsequent regular season , the Zhang Ning participated in a total of 48 games were played in the case of the presence of 20 minutes, can contribute to the team points, rebounds and assists, the team is the best performing rookie. Shanxi men’s basketball team, the get good players through the draft, to enhance the strength of the team would be a "shortcut." Shanxi men’s basketball operations in the draft of a striking new season, "recorded" in Li Zhang Lin, Jia Hao, Xiao Xun three key players, all have the makings of a "real-time combat power".

  "Welcome to the CBA, welcome to Shanxi, come on!" Shanxi men’s basketball team through the official microblogging, and three new players one by one interaction.

Shanxi fans have also blessing, "a warm welcome, work together ……" reporter Yang Erxin.


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