2021 China Innovation Method Competition Xinjiang District Division

It is understood that China’s Innovation Method Competition is one of the professional events of China’s innovative entrepreneurship competition. It is a guide and demonstration-oriented approach to enterprise science and technology workers and university teachers and students. To carry out competition activities for mass innovation practices. The contest has adopted large-scale enterprises and SMEs in the form of parallel, fully stimulating the company’s independent innovation power, showcase the innovation of corporate first-line science and technology workers. At the beginning of August, 2021 China’s innovative method competition opened, through the network declaration, the company’s first review, 63 participating projects, an increase of 174% from last year; industry coverage involving petrochemical, agricultural technology, building materials, agricultural and sideline food More than 10 species of processing, special equipment manufacturing, coal mining, cotton textile industry.

In order to successfully hold this Xinjiang competition, the Competition Organizing Committee invited two senior innovation methods to conduct a three-day innovation method series training before the competition, covering more than 60 enterprises, and training enterprise science and technology personnel. More than 180 people. From the nearest 55 participating projects, 165 people entered the Xinjiang Division competition. The competition will passed the way of online projects, and three expert review members have selected 3 first prizes, 6 second prizes, three prizes , Choose the best to participate in the national clock. Member of the Party Group of the Autonomous Region, the Vice-Chairman, said that all levels of Science and Technology organizations and the majority of scientific and technological workers should further play the important role of scientific and technological innovation in promoting the high – quality development of Xinjiang, popularizing innovation methods, improving Xinjiang self-driving creation ability. It is necessary to further condense all aspects of strength, focus on improving the ability of China’s scientific and technological innovation, mobilize all innovative resources, and inspire all creative vitality and form a powerful working force. At the same time, the joint government education is used to promote multi-party resources and promote the in-depth integration of the scientific and technological economy. Further establish a new name brand in Xinjiang, combined with the results of this contest, actively promote the transformation application of achievements, and let innovation methods benefit more Xinjiang enterprises.

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