The Chinese People’s Insurance Museum officially opened

When Luo said in the visit, the group company cited the China People’s Insurance Museum. By showing a growing process of a company, it reflects the epitome of an industry, and even a national reform and development, which is very good to reflect the Chinese people. Providing professional services for society, but also reflects the unchanging initiative of the people’s insurance service people, and the "conspicuous effort, the initial heart as the people" museum theme highly, but also fully reflects the national security history, culture Site and social status. The system must fully use the red resources around this to promote the education of party history and learning, and further enhance the cohesiveness and pride of the majority of cadres employees, further mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the company’s employee officers. It is reported that the Chinese People’s Insurance Museum is divided into 12 parts of Chang’an Street. The exhibition hall is divided into 12 parts. Through the new display of scene recovery, interactive screen, projection and other new display methods, carrying the "common memory", showing the "common memory" of all people. Since the generation, the people who care for the initial heart, feel the moving story of hard work, hard work, and work hard, is the Chinese People’s Insurance Group to use the red resources around you, actively guide the party members and cadres to promote red tradition, inherit the red gene, continue the red blood, promote the party history Learning education is constantly moving towards in-depth stock materials and vivid textbooks.

(Source: China Raffer Party Party Committee) (Editor: Jia Zejuan, Zhang Tao Ying).


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