In another private room,Around a big round table,Sitting on top of Chen Sanqiang、Li Na、Wang Youcai,Chen Xiaoju,There are a few strange faces,Near the door,Sitting with bald head and Zhao Long。

“Strong brother,What kid is outside,I can’t swallow this breath,If you let him go this time,Then why are we hanging around outside“Zhao Long sitting at the bottom,Blushing,Rough neck,Said coldly to Chen Sanqiang。
Li Na glanced at Chen Sanqiang,Weird:“I’m not stable after eating“
Wang Youcai’s eyes turned,Said with a smile:“That kid,From our village,I was bullied since childhood,I didn’t expect to run to Pingdu and dare to run wild,Did Brother Long start lightly??“This is Wang Youcai’s nature,Say nice things in person,Knife behind。
I wanted to please Chen Sanqiang,Unexpectedly, Chen Sanqiang glared at Wang Youcai’s eyes:“You can die without bragging!Someday the four of them,Were all dropped to the ground,Zhao Long’s mouth was almost broken,Just rely on you“Chen Sanqiang said,Squatted the teacup on the table angrily。
Wang Youcai was so embarrassed,But this person has a thick skin,If someone else,I can’t hold my face long ago,But he still smiles。
Bald took a look at Zhao Long,He lowered his voice and said to Chen Sanqiang:“Strong brother,You said that your favorite Yamaha was taken away by someone else,So one day after meeting,We deliberately make things difficult,I didn’t expect to be beaten by him,We only came out because of you“
The muscles on Chen Sanqiang’s face twitched,He suppressed the angry roar in his heart:“I repeat,Don’t move this person from now on,Who dares to move him,Just can’t get along with me“
The few people present can’t understand,A country boy,How capable。The person who can’t understand the most is Wang Youcai,He never expected,Chen Sanqiang who can call the wind and rain in Pingcheng,I dare not touch this kid Xia Jian,What kind of problem is there?,He wanted to break his head but didn’t think of it。
Li Na saw that the atmosphere on the court was a bit depressed,So he took the initiative to bring up the wine glass and said:“Everyone can think about everything,This is a good thing,But there are mountains beyond the mountains,Someone outside,When you do,It’s better to use your head first,Otherwise, if you get into trouble, you don’t have to take care of it.“
Zhao Long saw Li Na say the same,He felt that there must be a story in it,So he smiled and said:“Sister Na is right,In the future,Use more brains and less hands”He also raised his glass。
See everyone,Hurriedly toast,The scene suddenly became lively。
at this time,Chen Dongzi ran in,He ran,Panting and saying:“Oh strong brother,Sorry,Before going out,Something small happened,Just finished,I ran over,It seems not too late”
Chen Sanqiang glanced at Chen Dongzi,Scolded:“Treat your kid,It doesn’t matter if the person arrives,Put the money here first”
“Hahahaha!Brother Qiang joked,I invite everyone over today,I want you to get to know each other,Boss Wang,From now on,Not only my friend,And still my brother-in-law,So everyone will take care of”Chen Dongzi said,Raised the glass,Drink and dry。
Li Na laughed:“If I am not mistaken,Your sister is already married”
“Yes, sister Na,separated,Isn’t it all for Boss Wang??”Chen Dongzi said,Take a look at Wang Youcai,Wang Youcai smiled slightly,Secretly cursed,Shit,I don’t hesitate。


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