Han Jiang is afraid of accidental injury to the buds in it.,Bud jackets do not pay more than 100%。

So after the space is broken,Han Jiang’s body is flashing with electric light。
Han Jiang’s down pressure said:“I am coming。”
The buds look at Hanjiang standing in front,Suddenly, I http://www.shanghaokeji.cn fill my heart.,Water vapor appears in the eyes。
Happen,Water vapor disappears,The buds waved the temper,Turned to see Hanjiang。
“How……What’s wrong?”Han Jiang。
He just saw the expression of the bud,Obviously surprised, the representative is happy.,What’s wrong?
The inner body of the opponent tells Han Jiang this is the bud.,Not a disguise。
Han Jiang carefully went to the buds,To touch each other’s arms,Who knows that the bud is hiding while hiding。
“what’s wrong,what’s wrong,Who bullied you,tell me,I don’t want to fight the law.,I immediately went to kill the guy bullying your guys.。”
Bud dress with tears,Mouth,“none of your business,You don’t have a lot of things!”
“How is this idle?,Your business makes important things,No one is a idleness,What happened?,I have to http://www.daogd.cn manage。”
“Have……Someone is bullying me。”The buds have a vague head:“If someone is really hungry and bulge,What should I do??”
Han Jiang does not understand what is wrong with this,And not to mention the strength of the buds, can bully her person,There will be no birder to make this look like this.。
The usual buds are gentle and gentle,Calm,Beautiful girl with strong strength,Others like it’s too late.。
“Who,I ate tiger leopard,Dare to bully our buds。”
Little girl in buds,Han Jiang naturally installed the words。
“Yes……Are you bullying me?!”
Han Jiang,I don’t understand the logic of the buds.,Flexible:“Just now we are not in a piece.,How to bully you,I have no chance to do……”
The buds suddenly turned to look at Hanjiang,Reluctive:“Just, you bully me.。”
“What do you say,What do you want now?。”
http://www.tongshuntc.cn Han Jiang slightly,He can’t kill yourself.。
“Then I am?”However, Han Jiang still tried:“Kill yourself?”
“How do you want to kill yourself??”The buds are blinking blinking。
Han Jiang frowned thought,Seriously say:“After the end of the victim,I will not eat,Hungry oneself。”
“puff!”Buds laugh,Rapida reach your mouth,“You will blow。”
Han Jiang is touched his head, Haha laughed:“Not angry,Not angry, just fine,Next, we have to go to find……”
Buds bury their heads in the Hanjiang chest。
Too knife falls on the ground,Skating hands pinching the arm of Hanjiang。
“Korean classmates,Hanjiang classmates,I ask you a question.。”Sakura,Not clear。
“what?”Han Jiang swallowed the water:“go ahead。”
“do you like me?”The buds look up at the eyes of Hanjiang。
Han Jiang’s eyes showed it,It was raised by the bud.,“Looking at my eyes answer。”


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