“Very simple,I don’t think I can teach you too much。And I’m different from Lao Gao in teaching。Lao Gao belongs to the stocking type,But I will unconsciously let my students follow my set,Because I want them to avoid detours,But the disadvantages are also obvious,Tends to stifle the creativity of students。It’s hard to change for character reasons。And you are creative。”

“During the meeting at Mingzhu,I have carefully studied the algorithm you sent me。It’s really more subtle as you look at it,Many fanciful ideas,Can also make you realize,I have never seen this kind of creativity in others。So be my student,I’m afraid I will delay you。So I made my own claim and helped you apply for the status of a co-researcher from the college。In short,I have already applied for an internal access for you。”
“You can enter and leave the laboratory with this identity in the future,And use your authority to retrieve most of the laboratory data。But one thing,You cannot copy these materials,Can not be taken out,Not to be spread,Can only be accessed inside the laboratory。You can also use laboratory equipment,But you need to submit an application first,Generally if the device is idle,Then you can approve on the same day,It may be delayed if there are other experimental projects occupying equipment,After all, you have to consider your own research progress。But don’t worry,Generally speaking, the application will not take more than three days。”
“I hope you can understand this piece。After all, there is a need for confidentiality,And in view of avoiding the waste of resources and time caused by repeated research,The Institute of Quantum Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,And the Key Laboratory of Quantum Information, Chinese Academy of Sciences,Some data of the Beijing Institute of Electronics Technology are interoperable。”
“As for the experimental assistant,You can ask a friend for help,Of course it is limited to the researchers approved by the institute,Appointment system can also be used,You have to pay the money yourself,After all, the funds in the institute are relatively tight。It’s a little welfare for the researchers in the institute。Of course, if you really have some results,The institute will share these results with you。But the institute promises that we only have the right to use,In other words, the results can be used unconditionally,But will not authorize,Not for commercial use。”
“But if your research direction repeats with us,And used the patents and copyrighted data we have applied for at this stage,And formed the result,Then we both have equal control rights。of course,Your previous self-research results are not counted。For example, the algorithm you gave me,Although we have been studying quantum algorithms,And your algorithm is clearly ahead of us,But this algorithm will not covet。This is probably the case,how do you feel?”
Wang Yufei nodded immediately and said:“I think it’s pretty good。”
Indeed, Wang Yufei can’t find a reason to refuse。
His needs are clear,Just covet the data lying quietly on the server。
He can also understand the confidentiality requirements of the institute。
Especially when he came in, he realized the relatively strict security measures of the institute。
Pan Wenyue emphasized again:“Ok,Then you must remember,According to the confidentiality regulations,If you want to give you permission,Some electronic equipment cannot be brought into the operating room,You can only use the computer equipment provided,Don’t try to copy data through the device,Will trigger an alarm and cause unnecessary misunderstandings,Affect our cooperation。”
Wang Yufei immediately assured:“Do not worry,Professor Pan,I understand the importance of confidentiality,Would never do such a thing。”
Of course, Wang Yufei sighed,If the Professor Pan in front of me understands his memory ability,I don’t know if I will apply for permission for him with confidence。
Pan Wenyue laughed,Said:“That line!Let’s go,I will take you to Director Xue to chat,Then sign several confidentiality agreements and cooperative research contracts,You can get the access card and your exclusive personal account,Used to log in to our database。Don’t be nervous,I even talked about you with Director Xue this morning,He is very optimistic about you,Otherwise it won’t be so easy to agree to let you join。correct,Our director is Xue Song,Also an academician of the China Academy of Sciences,A very capable professor,You don’t need to call Director Xue,Just call the teacher。He used to be a doctoral supervisor at Beijing University,Now an honorary professor of Beijing University。”
“Got it,Thank you Professor Pan。”


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